With multiple channels (email, social media, your website, CRM, etc.), dozens of creative executions, and so much customer data to track and analyze, managing your organization’s online marketing can seem overwhelming.

Act-On de-mystifies online marketing. Users don’t need IT skills or support, so collaborating is easier than ever.

The solution we recommend: Act-On™, a very easy to use, low cost, comprehensive online marketing platform. As simple as Microsoft Word™ and Excel™, this full-featured “Swiss Army knife” of web marketing can help you dramatically yet affordably boost your response rates and shorten your
sales cycle.

Whether your marketing goal is sales, leads, or both, you need more than just a set of tools to create effective programs. You also need a workflow that integrates all phases of your marketing cycle, from planning to campaign analysis. Act-On’s simple, powerful, cloud-based platform helps you:

  • Organize your online marketing efforts
  • Generate high quality leads
  • Turn those leads into sales
  • Integrate marketing into your sales and support systems
  • Measure results so you know what works

2742700_Email_Act-On_FeaturesAct-On gives you all the tools you need for your online marketing programs. With Act-On you can easily:

Create email campaigns, landing pages, sign-up and survey forms with tracking by name of every contact

  • Identify/track site visitors by contact name and web page visited
  • Send automated messages based on any URL of your site they visit
  • Target, test, segment, and lead-score your lists and campaigns
  • Automate content publishing to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Integrate marketing with your CRM and Webinar systems
  • See results in real time for each campaign and more importantly, who the individuals are, and who is furthest along in the buying cycle
  • Improve response rates and your marketing analytics

Easy To Get Started, Easy to Use
Built for marketers rather than web developers, Act-On eliminates the need to know HTML, CSS, or Javascript coding. Instead, almost anyone can create professional campaign content, deploy outbound and inbound marketing campaigns, and generate reports, all without any support from IT.

Act-On’s built-in database automatically consolidates, profiles and segments all your marketing data. No more struggling to integrate different niche tools from different vendors.

And yes, it’s affordable. Use this web-based service for as little as $900 per month based on how many unique contacts you email each month, not the number of messages you send them. You can keep an unlimited number of contacts in your Act-On database and use the entire system at no additional cost.

The best way to see the many ways Act-On will save you time and improve your marketing efforts is a live, online demo. Please click here to schedule an appointment or call to discuss specific ways that Act-On would help your marketing efforts.