We can quickly create interactive digital versions of your product-sheets, brochures, and catalogs to engage your customers and help increase revenue. A few features and benefits include:

  • Automatically link every product in your catalog to the specific product or Add-to-Cart page on your web site.
  • Shopping cart integration. Customers can select items to order from a drop-down product list.  Once completed an email order is sent to anyone you choose.
  • Include Video, pop-up images, html interactivity, and live social media feeds.
  • Provide an easier, faster, and intuitive shopping experience on desktop or mobile devices.
  • View analytics of specific pages viewed, the order they were viewed, time spent on each page, search words entered, number of visitors, and more.
  • Email a catalog link to your entire database for desktop and mobile viewing and include the link to view your entire catalog on your web site.
  • Change prices or content in your catalog without changing the link.  Once re-published new information will immediately appear.
eCatalog-Automated Product Linking

Automatically link products in your catalog to specific product pages on your web site

eCatalog-In-edition Search

Allow intuitive searches


Capture mobile sales with a custom App for your catalog

  • Expand your customer base
  • Send targeted text messages
  • Take advantage of the trend of customers buying from their mobile devices
eCatalog Rollovers

Show additional detail and allow 1-click buying with product rollovers.