Tests have shown that personalizing direct mail, invoices, statements, packing slips and other pieces tends to increase response. But it only begins with printing recipients’ names: It can be just as powerful to personalize offers and messages based on their past behavior and current needs and desires.

Even if your customer (or prospect) data is “thin” or out of date, we can supplement it via our List and Data Services.

The keys to success in personalizing are knowing your goals, choosing your data carefully, and then using it creatively to gain additional sales and leads, or simply build your audience’s loyalty to your brand.

Above all, personalization should benefit your audience: Anticipating questions, confirming preferences or past purchases, making them feel special. We can help you select the ‘right’ data based on our years of experience.

16422069_PersonalizationFor maximum impact, personalize more than just your laser-print text. Our capabilities include Variable Data Print, in which all printed content—text, images and graphics—can vary based on the data for each recipient.

Likewise, Personalized URLs (PURLs), such as www.yourdomain/Aaron.Zell, are another cutting-edge tool for making your direct mail, email and other communications as relevant to each individual as possible.

What can happen when your message and offer are customized to each person’s past behavior and current needs and desires? It often triggers an emotional response, and the benefits can include:

  • Improved order sizes
  • Decreased cost per response
  • Increased repeat business

Document Design
Personalized messages on your statements and invoices is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to cross-sell, upsell or build customer loyalty. These messages can increase your profitability because, when an existing customer buys, it almost always costs you less.

We can customize brief messages almost anywhere on the page based on your data and goals, directing the reader to visit a specific landing page on your site to learn more or take an action you suggest.

And if you need several fields of variable data on a standard letter-size page, we can design your document to be both reader-friendly and highly efficient in its use of space. With our data-layout experience, we can save you time and money by reducing your efforts and streamlining document processing.

Our document design service has helped numerous clients with:

  • Member communications programs
  • Cross-selling via cover letters in deliveries and other “box mailings”
  • Reporting the results of data-driven marketing communications

Whatever your business, your audience expects customized service. Addressing them by name is only the first step. Personalization should show you understand their needs and desires—every time you contact them.