Elevate Your Message with Magazine
Printing & Mailing Services

We understand the power of connection and communication. Our magazine services for associations and other organizations are designed to keep you relevant with all of your stakeholders.

Magazines can help your association:

        • Spotlight valued members and leaders
        • Serve as a tangible extension of your brand
        • Relay important association, career, and industry education
        • Attract new members and sponsors
        • Generate advertising revenue

Why Print Magazines?

The trust associated with printed magazines matches the trust associated with print. With a printed magazine, readers are inviting your brand into their home or office. Taking the time to read through it provides an opportunity for readers to relax.  Even advertisements – something clearly meant to sell to them – are considered more trustworthy than the same ad received digitally.  A whopping 82% of consumers say they trust print ads the most when making a purchase decision.

When it comes to magazines, readers still prefer print. It doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon. The number of eMagazine readers in the U.S. is expected to grow some, from 53.4 million in 2017 to a projected 54.2 million in 2027. However, those who prefer reading digital magazines was only at 18%.

Magazines often linger for months after they are mailed and are seen by many more eyes than the intended recipient. Moreover, the tactile experience of flipping through a magazine cannot be replicated online, making it a powerful tool for member engagement and loyalty.


Experienced at Magazine Planning and Printing

We specialize in association marketing, and magazines are one of our most popular solutions to maintain and grow membership, advertising, and sponsor revenue.

  • Whatever quantity, size, format or binding method you need, we have the equipment and capabilities to deliver.
  • We help you from the planning stages through delivering your magazine to the intended recipient. Contact us early so we can identify any opportunities to streamline your processes and save you time on your project.
  • Our service doesn’t stop once the binding is completed: we work with you to deliver your magazines faster along with discounted mailing and shipping services.
  • We can also help you deliver your content electronically and convert your magazine to a digital version using your existing PDF files along with video, podcasts, and other interactive features.

Contact Us to Print Your Custom Magazine

With our expertise, your association can leverage the enduring popularity of print magazines to strengthen member ties, communicate effectively, and open new revenue channels. Contact Mark Sterne at Print & Marketing Solutions Group, your expert in association and magazine printing services. Let us help you produce a magazine that reflects the brand of your association and engages your members and sponsors like never before.