DirectMail_NUCTD_HAP-PC_ACG2For decades, clients who need to profitably retain customers or members—and acquire new ones—have turned to Print & Marketing Solutions Group for complete direct mail solutions. Why?

Because we make it easy for them. While printing is a key element of the direct mail production process, it is certainly not the only one. Besides clarifying the entire process for our clients, we save them the time and stress of managing their project’s many details.

Indeed, because the printing of direct mail depends so heavily on how other project details are executed, we eagerly “dive into” all of these areas—and sometimes more—when helping our clients plan direct mail campaigns:

Direct mail formatPrinting method
Data processingPersonalization
Version managementFulfillment planning
Postal requirements

So whether your campaign calls for a single version of a simple letter or a customized kit containing dozens of versions of multiple components . . . whether your quantity is just a few thousand or somewhere in the millions . . . we can handle it for you.

Some of the more popular direct mail pieces we produce are:2606261_DirectMail+Association_CAP_ThankyouKit_20140121_134814

  • Post cards: great way cut through the clutter on a prospect’s desk
  • Variable-data direct mail
  • Personalized letters: full color variable or black imaging
  • Self-mailers in any format imaginable
  • Custom perforations and coupons
  • Integrated labels or magnets
  • Custom window envelopes
  • Full color envelopes
  • See through poly envelopes (printed or blank)
  • Blow-on labels or sticky notes

Do Direct Mail Even Better: Click to learn more about our Data Processing and
Modeling Services.

Even if your organization is shifting more of its marketing to the Web, remember: Your prospects and customers are more likely to respond if they hear from you via direct mail as well as online.

After all, for the recipient there’s nothing quite like seeing his or her name in print while holding your offer in their hands.