We can quickly and easily create interactive digital publications from your books, brochures, magazines, manuals, educational materials and more. You keep 100% of the revenue and have total control of how the content is accessed and used.

A few standard features of every digital publication are:

  • Restrict or allow downloads, sharing, printing, note-taking, bookmarks, etc.
  • Hyperlink to all web address references
  • Linked table of contents
  • Search for any word in your publication
  • Subscription or Rental periods based on number of days you select
  • Password protect, require an email address, or upload member logins to provide
    access to any document
  • Mobile & Desktop Versions
  • Analytics by publication categories, individual editions, or each page.
  • Easily provide ROI to your advertisers or sponsors and learn more about your readers.
    A few data-points include:
Number of views (by page or by date)
Average view length
Search terms queried
Pages Printed, Shared, or Emailed
Videos viewed
Links clicked

Advanced features can be added easily, including:

  • Change published documents without redistributing
  • Embed video, interactive features (e.g. maps, charts, puzzles, etc.), pinch-to-zoom images and more rich media
  • Social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc..) embedded on any page
  • Creation of a mobile app for all of your publications and other documents
  • Link all of your products mentioned or shown in your Digital publication, e-book or e-catalog to their associated page on your e-commerce site

Send us any PDF document (in single page, cropped format) and we will send you a live Digital publication sample (at no charge). Click here to email your file or click Upload PDF for Digital Publication.