As a corporate marketing manager, you know the challenge:
Your company has brand guidelines and all your marketing communications (marcom) must follow them. But your sales team needs sales materials tailored to individual prospects and your “field” personnel need marketing pieces customized their local area(s).

Trying to manage all the marcom needs of Sales and Distribution, especially when you already have higher-profile corporate projects to handle, can be overwhelming. But allowing anyone to create them can result in communications that don’t meet your corporate strategy or brand guidelines.

The solution: Our CustoMarcom™ Portal service. Feature-rich yet easy to use, this online tool enables you or an authorized department or staff to easily create marcom pieces—or entire campaigns—that are great looking, brand-compliant, and customized to local needs.

Your organization’s password-protected CustoMarcom™ Portal will include only the marketing materials you choose to make available in it, such as:

Campaign TemplatesBrochures / Sales Sheets
PostcardsDirect Mail / Email
Promotional ItemsOther Documents

Once logged into your portal, users can order items customized to their needs—but only within the parameters you specify. For each item offered in your portal you control (for example):

  • the size, colors and location in which your logo may appear
  • the amount of custom-message text and areas where it may appear
  • the ability to add custom images or graphics
  • types of orders requiring corporate approval
  • who in your organization must (or may) approve the customization

These capabilities, however, are only the beginning of what a CustoMarcom™ Portal can do for your organization.

Centralize Your Marketing Assets: It’s a secure online portal in which you can centralize and manage your full catalog of marketing assets, including digital assets (e.g., graphics, content and logos), printed materials and promotional items. Save valuable time and significantly reduce costs with unparalleled inventory control.

Gain Efficiencies and Speed to Market: Save time and avoid the errors that can occur when local staff plan their own marketing materials, choose their own vendors, and manage (or skip) the approval process.

When your items or campaign from the Portal are ready to roll out, simply alert your team with the click of a button. In just minutes, launch your local campaigns and start generating leads.

Reduce Costs: Once templates are uploaded to your portal, the cost to print customized versions of them is minimized due to reduced turnaround times, revisions, and proofs.

Always-on, anywhere, anytime ordering. Now your team can order up-to-date marketing material in real time from anywhere over the Internet and have collateral fulfilled in days versus weeks.

Improve Marketing Effectiveness: Studies have shown that customized, personalized, full-color marketing communications can increase response rates up to 500% compared to generic materials. To help you increase sales and your marketing ROI, we offer complete versioning and personalization for even your most demanding printed pieces.

End-to-end fulfillment: We can ship materials directly to your distribution channel or mail directly to your customer or prospect.