Below are a few apps you can download to view examples of different designs, functions, and uses. The layout and functionality of your mobile app will be customized to your business goals and to the needs of your target audience. Our app format is pre-approved by Apple, so once your design is finalized, we can deliver the app within a month.


Used by HR Directors and Senior HR Practitioners as a resource to keep up-to-date with the industry, this well-designed app has easy-to-navigate categories.

  • Latest news, features and jobs are easily accessed via live feeds updated real-time.
  • A rotating banner showcases HR Director interviews which users can navigate with a touch.
  • Subscribers of the HRDIRECTOR can download digital issues of the publication instantly.
  • Non-Subscribers can purchase a digital subscription or purchase individual issues.

This app contains all the content of the printed Labmate magazine with the added benefit of enhanced elements, clickable advertisements, video, audio and other interactive content. It features a scrollable shopping experience on the welcome screen, giving readers an interesting way to browse through reports and products.

The Royal Yachting Association

A must-have resource for all boating and sailing enthusiasts in the UK, the RYA app offers a vast library of resources from beginner level to more advanced.

  • Interactive digital publications are available via in-app purchase or by clicking through to the RYA website.
  • Custom navigation is built into the app, helping users find relevant resources.
  • The iPad app has a publication carousel, highlighting bestsellers and latest editions for customers.
The Future Game (FA Learning)

A striking video introduction graphically welcomes British football (soccer) players and provides a range of reference materials in the palm of their hand. Video and text are delivered on the page in a way that allows the user to read his or her practice notes before opening up a video link. An extremely functional app with strong visuals.

Cambridge University Guide to IELTS

Available exclusively from iTunes and Apple, this app gives students live examples to help them prepare for oral language exams. Users can effortlessly browse a full range of videos by simply downloading the associated video to the textbook they are studying. Cambridge University Press has chosen a minimalist design which helps students quickly find the resources they need to study.

iGNITION Magazine: Williams F1

iGNITION is the official magazine of the Williams Formula One (F1) racing team. This app keeps F1 fans up to date with the latest news about Williams’ drivers and the team, and provides a wide range of helpful, interactive widgets to enable fans to learn more about the sport.

Greenfleet Magazine

This app promotes environmentally friendly business transport. Every page is designed specifically for the tablet and is presented to quickly gives readers the key information they need. Each page contains a combination of scrollable text, video and vector images.


The Unislim bookstore app is an ideal resource for readers looking to create a happier, healthier life. The home page navigation is intuitively divided into three sections and key calls-to-action flash periodically, giving the user a clear navigational path to follow. The social wall is a flow of live content from the organization’s buzzing social media channels.