OptiChannel Marketing Automation

Today’s marketing requires more than just automation. It’s about finding people on their optimal channels, and then contextualizing your communication to engage in the way they prefer.  You need an OptiChannel strategy to reach your audience on the devices and channels that are right for them.

Furthermore, with multiple channels (email, social media, your website, mobile, etc.), dozens of creative executions, and so much customer data to track and analyze, managing your organization’s online marketing can seem overwhelming.

Whether your marketing goal is sales, leads, or both, you need more than just a set of tools to create effective programs. You also need a workflow that integrates all phases of your marketing cycle, from planning to campaign analysis. Our OptiChannel platform offers the solution you need.

OptiChannel Marketing

  • Create email campaigns, landing pages, PURLs, and sign-up and survey forms with tracking by name of every contact
  • Identify and track site visitors by contact name and web page visited
  • Send automated messages
  • Target, test, and segment your lists and campaigns
  • See results in real time for each campaign and more importantly, who the individuals are, and who is furthest along in the buying cycle
  • Improve response rates and your marketing analytics

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