Innovating to Engage Your Audience

lightbulbWhich marketing campaigns are people most likely to notice, read and respond to? The ones that they find most relevant and engaging. Innovative solutions from Print & Marketing Solutions Group can strengthen your marketing in both of these areas.

Our variable-data capabilities go well beyond simply laser personalizing names and addresses. Using your data and variable content, we can customize the full-color printing of text, photos, and graphics within a single print run for individual recipients’ packaging, brochures, envelopes, letters, forms, and fulfillment components.

This degree of customization can make your next campaign far more relevant and engaging. Imagine two prospects (A and B) for a given offer, both living in the same ZIP code, about the same age, with similar household incomes and home values. Based on this data, many companies might send these two prospects the very same mailer.

But with just one more data point on these prospects—for example, a favorite interest or activity—Print & Marketing Solutions Group can deliver a much more relevant, engaging mailer to each of them, and to thousands or millions of others in the same database.

Thanks to our variable data printing, Prospect A’s mailer can include full color images, headlines, and text based on her interest, while Prospect B’s—just as colorful—can have entirely different images, headlines, and text based on his interest. Each is more relevant because it’s more customized . . . yet they both come from the same print run, saving you budget dollars and precious time.

These mailers also tend to be more engaging. Let’s face it, seeing your name and address lasered in black on a letter is nothing new. But anyone whose name is seamlessly blended into a headline within a full-color image is probably going to “do a double take.” And if the image is, let’s say, a popular location in the prospect’s city? They likely will be even more intrigued.

Our innovative solutions aren’t limited to the realm of print production, however. Once your mailer has captured the prospect’s attention, the next step is critical. The highly customized experience that began with the mailer must continue through the rest of the selling process. That’s why we recommend Personalized URLs (PURLs) as one option to reinforce the impact of our targeted variable data mailings. To learn more about PURLs, click here.

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